Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Midday Musings- South Korea's dream run fell short, as they lost to Germany 1-0 today. It's up to Turkey to hold up the non-traditional mantle tomorrow against Brazil. Good news on the Papa Blog front-Kevin Holtsberry's been blessed with an Instapundit permalink the day after I got one myself. Prof. Reynolds seems to be venturing further into the Christian quadrant of the Blogosphere. I'll be cableless tomorrow night, so I'll wind up missing the NBA draft coverage. Well, I'd be in church for the first ten picks anyway. There seems to be less talk about high schoolers this year than the year before, as many of the diaper dandies had rather poor first years, even given their lack of experience. The big story (about 7'5" big) is Yao Ming, the Chinese guy who's likely to be the first pick. He might lack a low post game, but he does have great size and a good outside touch. Some seriuos time in the weight room and a few trips to the Big Man's Camp might turn him into a potential Hall of Famer. As-is, he looks to be an oversized Jack Sikma, which ain't bad. The revamping of the NFL divisions has saved me from making some enemies down here. The Bucs have moved to the new NFC South, with the rest of the old NFC Central staying put, thus avoiding rooting for the Lions against the Bucs twice a year. I haven't quite got the Florida-FSU demographics down. FSU fans seem to trend a bit redneck downscale, according to what I've been told. I'm around a batch of upscale FSU fans at Warner Southern, who agree with MCJ's assessment of Spurrier as the Antichrist.

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