Monday, June 24, 2002

Genesis 1 Debate-David Heddle (holding a old-earth position supported by Francis Schaeffer) and Gary Peterson (young-earth, 144-hour creation) have had a series of good posts on creation. Go thou and readeth. Before we go any further, I'd like to stress that I accept the Bible as the inspired word of God that needs to be followed at face value. Since there are spots in the Bible that are to be taken metaphorically1, and that the word "day" can mean era in some contexts, I lean towards the old-earth position, that God created the earth and that the "days" mentioned in Genesis 1 were more likely to be eras. I'm open to arguments to the contrary, but I'm not yet sold on the science of the young-earth Creation Scientists. The Sun didn't get created until Day 4, so the idea of a standard 24-hour-day seems open to debate. If we did have a 24-6 creation, then either God made it look like it was billions of years old to modern scientists or modern scientists are clueless on the issue. I think the first option doesn't seem to mesh with God's nature; Jehovah isn't Loki the trickster. Heddle points out that the second option seems unlikely, unless God through out the rules of physics entirely for the creation period. However, accepting even a old-earth argument doesn't get the believer out of the woods when dealing with modern science. We still have to get past Adam and Eve and the Flood before we get up to Abraham and solid historical footing. This area will continue to be troubling to the scientific-minded believer or seeker. 1For instance, in Matthew 18:21, Jesus doesn't give us license to stop forgiving on offence #78 (or #491, depending on the translation); the command is to have a non-stop forgiving heart.

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