Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Evening Musings- Long day so far, including grading papers, posting grades and some hide-a-bed delivery snafus that would have driven me to drink if I were a drinker. The bed has some problems, but there's a 30-day warranty; I can have my then-father-in-law help me take the thing back when we get back down here in two weeks. In the meantime, the bad boy's set up warts and all. Brazil got into the World Cup Final with a 1-0 win over Turkey. For all the non-traditional teams that did well, it comes down to Brazil and Germany in the final. I'll actually be able to understand the commentary for that one, since I'll be back at my parents' house in Michigan for the final and will get to watch the ESPN or ABC (I'm not sure who's got the live final) broadcast rather than the Univision coverage. I finished up my Business Writing class last night, and the students had a series of good oral presentations, better than the ones I've had to suffer through as a student in the past. One Air Force guy gave a report based on a debriefing on his Nuclear Test Ban Treaty compliance team's trip to set up seismic stations in South America. Another gal did her report on the award-giving department at NASA (the Melbourne class site's just south of Cape Canaveral), noting the most prestigious award for the ground workers is the Silver Snoopy. A local cop in the class gave a good speech on community policing, with the good quip describing the old-school style of policing-"You call, we haul." An ex-paramedic gave a good presentation on how to do CPR and a student working at NASA's Space Station complex did a nice piece on the Japanese module about to be sent up. They were a good bunch of people in the class, almost worth driving two hours one way to teach the class-I'll have a nice mileage check coming.

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