Friday, June 28, 2002

Back in One Piece.-It took me 21 hours to fly from Palm Beach to Midland, including a 9-hour overnight layover in Detroit; my flight from Palm Beach to Detroit got canceled after waiting three hours, then my Palm Beach-Atlanta-Detroit alternative was stalled in Atlanta for two hours in a thunderstorm, getting me into Detroit after midnight. I live the life of a homeless person for the night, as the bad storms around the east had plenty of other people stranded; the local hotels were filled. I managed to stay awake and sane through the night, doing some writing on the school voucher decision and the NBA draft; I'll share that later. I managed to catch a 9AM flight out of Detroit and got home around 10:30. A long nap and a huggy reunion with Eileen has taken up the rest of the day. I hope to get some stuff posted around 10PM after dinner and our last Vineyard young adult Friends Group this evening.

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