Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Youth Ministries-Amy Welborn has an interesting post fielding reader comments on LifeTeen, a Catholic youth program that feature a teen-centered Mass. Of course, the old-schoolers don't quite care for it, as they tend to use modern praise music and play somewhat free-and-loose with the propriety of the Eucharist, but the program seems to be keeping kids interested in the Catholic church at an age where people tend to fall though the cracks. This ties into what my dad shared earlier in the week. Sunday was Lay Witness Sunday at my folks' First United Methodist downtown. One of the speakers was a teen who spoke of his spiritual breakthrough occurred at a Pentecostal youth group (unnamed, but likely the group out at the AoG Christian Celebration Center that my sister helps out with) and how the freedom in and presence of the Holy Spirit had helped turned his spiritual life around. That testimony indirectly laid bare an uncomfortable truth; if your church doesn't have a good, vibrant youth group, your kids will be drawn to something else. It could be a good group at another church or something secular and even less desirable.

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