Sunday, May 12, 2002

Will the Real King Canute Please Stand Up-Funny; Orrin Judd and I went after the Likud-anti-independent-Palestine-vote piece a minute apart. It's intriguing that I called Arafat King Canute for tying to stem the tide of Hamas autoboomers and Orrin calls Bibi King Canute for trying to stem the tide of a Palestinian state. The only way we're both right is if Israel ceases to exist, for Israel can't live with a steady stream of autoboomers sponsored directly or indirectly by a Palestinian state. Can Arafat or someone like him contain the irredentist elements that want to drive the Jews out of the Middle East? It appears unlikely, for they themselves have that goal and cannot bring themselves to declare war upon Hamas and al Asqa. Israel can't live with the current PA leadership overseeing the West Bank and Gaza. A Palestinian state that can coexist with Israel will require a different set of leaders. Whether this can happen in five years of five hundred years remains to be seen. Until a Palestinian leadership emerges that can deal with the irredentists, Israel will need to keep at least partial control of Palestinian areas. I think the combination of a large irredentist movement in the West Bank and Gaza combined with the current PA's disinterest in quashing it will make stemming the tide of a Palestinian state very desirable to the Israeli government. This then begs the question: is that tide as irreversible as Judd implies? It may be irreversible by Arafat, but Sharon or Netanyahu might be able to hamper the terrorist apparatus sufficiently enough to ensure Israeli survival. It will take a very nasty war, but it appears increasingly likely that this is the route that Israel will take. I'm heading into dangerous territory, but I don't see God letting Israel be destroyed, and neither do the Israelis. Israeli Jews have no other place to go, so they will fight with everything they have. The Arabs in the region have plenty of places to live where they can be themselves ethnically and spiritually. The Jews don't. Israel has the intellectual and military-industrial know-how to make up for a lack of numbers and the motive to put everything they have into the effort. Its this back-to-the-wall mentality that makes the IDF man-for-man the toughest fighting force in the world, including the US. I'm not in the mood for shorting Israel. It won't be pretty, but Israel will survive. The same might not be said for Arafat and anyone else who wishes ill to the Jewish people.

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