Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Was watching the tape of last night's Celtics-Nets game with my mom just now. The Celtics evened the series with a 93-86 win. Both teams couldn't hit the barn side of a broad, but it was an entertaining, up-and-down game. Jersey's not going to win too many games with Van Horn going 2-12 and Kittles going 2-11. Add MacCulloch's o-fer and you have the trio going 4-27. Ain't gonna feed the bulldog. We saw an ad campaign from our pro wrestling friends. Showing their infinite reserve of grace and elegance, they're now going with a double-dubya logo, having been ordered not to use the WWF trademarked by the World Wildlife Fund. The ad campaign grossed out my mom when she forgot to fast-forward, as they are using a "Get the F out" campaign.

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