Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Strangelove in the Subcontinent?-Interesting debate on the likelihood of a nuclear Indo-Pak war with Richard Bennett , Instapundit and Suman Palit chiming in. I think Palit overstates the Islamic credentials of Musharraf, with a touch of anti-Pakistan slant coming to the fore. I don't think that either Vajpayee or Musharraf is crazy enough to go nuclear. However, their successors may not be as sane. A more militant leadership after Musharraf (or himself if I'm guessing wrong) might be up for a nuclear jihad. A touch-more-militant BJP leadership wouldn't be immune to a all-out war, either. I'd be more optimistic than Vodka Pundit's comments in the Bennett post of a 1 in 5 chance of mushroom clouds on the subcontinent and say 1 in 10.

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