Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Sports Musings-In all the busyness of Sunday, I missed out on the NBA lottery. Houston won out. Could they replace Hakeem with another import, Chinese skyscraper Yao Ming? Be prepared for puns aplenty when Yao gets stateside. If he takes his team to the title, he'll be starting the Ming dynasty. If he torches the Clippers for 47, he'll be Ming the Merciless. A good gorilla dunk will be highlighted with the expletive "Yao-za!!" When he's eligible for free agency, his club will say "Yao, come back now." Memphis' pick is at #4, which means it's off limits to the Pistons in cashing in on a due-#1 from the Otis Thorpe trade. It was protected at #5 or better. Thus, the Pistons can get the Griz pick next year, unless it's the #1 pick overall. LeBron James would look good in red and blue in the fall of '03. Just got done watching the tape of the Wings-Avalanche game, and Colorado deserved the 4-3 OT win, outplaying the Wings. OT was forced by the one of the flukiest goals I've seen in a while, when Lidstrom missed wide left and the puck bounced off the boards, off Roy's skate and in. Holtsberry's prayers were answered, as the Kings evened up the series last night with a 96-90 win. My favorite was Vlade's driving facial on Samaki Walker. I don't remember seeing Divac that animated. I'm having trouble getting interested in baseball this year. After a good start, the Indians have cratered, and the Tigers are playing about .500 ball after an 0-12 start. I can't even adopt the D-Rays in advance, since they suck bilge water worse than the Tigers.

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