Thursday, May 16, 2002

Purgatories-Thumbing through one of my soon-to-be-regional papers, I read this piece on corruption in college footballin the Orlando Sentinel. blockquote>Tennessee, 1998: Come to find out that Tee Martin, the quarterback of that UT team, likely was getting booster money funneled to him by a sports writer. This is not only grounds for UT vacating the national championship, the sports writer should be sentenced to three years of covering the Devil Rays.Sir, there are protections against cruel and unusual punishment, for covering the D-Rays would be a sentence to baseball purgatory. Five years ago, it would be a fairly straight-forward fact that the Nets and the Kings were the NBA's purgatory, where careers go to die, with the Clippers being the undisputed Basketball Hell. Well, we've got a good shot of Purg East playing Purg West for the title this year. The Clippers are on the way back, but they have come back from despair to a point of simple mediocrity in the past only to tank once again. Suggestion, maybe they should bolt the Staples Center and play in the Forum. Faithful Central Baptist Church bought the Lakers' old digs, using the building for services on Sunday and renting it out the other six days. The church might be able to help pray off three decades of bad mojo, but it will require a lot of prayer.

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