Thursday, May 30, 2002

Palestinian funnies-Don't have any links to the cartoons, but Dad shared a few howlers from Zola Levitt's newletter. (1) Yasser as a crying crocodile-"Thank you, Mr. Arafat, for that sincere expression of grief over these acts of terror." (2) Saudi Ed Bin Mahon visiting couple. "Hi, you're the lucky winners of the Palestinian Parents of Suicide Bombers Sweepstakes." (3) Young autoboomer at Pearly Gates-"What am I going to do with 72 virgins? I'm only 10 years old." (4) Saddam handing young autoboomer (plastique belt on) a check-" Here's $25K, kid. Go blow it all in one place." (5) Palestinian recruiting office-"You must be this tall to be a suicide bomber"- The bar's at about 2' 9". (6) "Mommy, Pleeeez!! I need the Suicide Bomber Maryr Barbie! She's got Glitter Blast Action." (7) Yasser at the grave of Israel-"Arafat's vision of a peaceful coexistence."

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