Tuesday, May 28, 2002

One More Euroweenie Centralization- Earlier today, the European Court of Human Rights shot down the ability of the British Home Secretary to overrule a parole board decision. One more example of the lack of federalism in the EU. The ECHR isn't part of the EU but EU members are required to be members. The blogfire's been light from our British blog buddies on this one. Airstrip One chimed in "For those of us who believe in the death penalty this will be good news (life can't mean life)." I'm not sure I like where that is going. I'm hearing "Kill the [bleep] before some stoopid judge can spring him." As much as I don't like uppity liberal judges, we do need some sort of appellate process to provide safeguards from miscarriages of justices at the trial level. I did read up on the Myra Hindley that Airstrip One mentioned as one possible beneficiary of the ruling; she was a part of a British mass-murder duo from the mid 60s. Having her paroled would be like paroling one of the Manson Family.

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