Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Morning Musings Got the official word that I will be starting down at Warner Southern on June 4th, teaching a Business Writing class. I've never taught a writing class before, but having been blogging with some sucess for four months (and straight As in the writing classes I had as an undergrad) gives me some confidence that I can teach such a class well. Eileen would be better suited to teach it as a once-and-future English instructor, but she'll be in Michigan finishing up her current position. I will be picking her brain on how to go about teaching the class for the next two weeks. I'm planning on heading down there on May 31st, so I have only 17 more days before heading south. This is an interesting WaPo piece on Palestianian discontent over Arafat. The take of the piece is that Arafat's untouchable but corrupt and unuseful. Where have we heard this before? I'm tempeted to check the claudometer (OK, it's reading 0.8, not quite) but the Beltwayistas need to see this before they mourn the Likud vote of the weekend too hard. Fox leads its website coverage with a modest (5.2 Richter) Bay-Area earthquake, while the WaPo buries it in the "More Headlines" section. Is Fox sensationalist or is the WaPo too Beltway-centric or a bit of both? Methinks a bit of both. Hey, it didn't stop a hockey or baseball game, so it isn't that much news. Happy to see Colorado get past the earthquake and San Jose last night to force a Game 7. The winner will be tired while the the Red Wings will be rested and ready. I'd add tanned, but the weather here's been lousy for May, more like mid-April than mid-May. 17 days, Mark. 17 days. Game 5 of Boston-Detroit's this evening. Watching the Piston's been painful this series, as Boston has figured out how to rotate and stop the Pistons ball-movement game. I might be put out of my misery tonight. Carlisie has to do something about floor spacing and movement on offence if there is to be a game 6.

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