Saturday, May 18, 2002

Midday Musings- Just got back from the first of Eileen's two bridal showers (the other's in three weeks when I'll already be in Florida), showing up towards the end to play both trophy and beast-of-burden. I got to meet quite a few transplanted Houstonians who are living in Midland. She got some nice decor stuff. She got some practical stuff like a Foreman Grill (unrelated note-George lives in the same Houston suburb my future in-laws do), clock, blender, bedding, a tool kit and two toasters (so much for the registry idea). But the item that stole the show was one that my future mother and sister in law sent. It was a talking bride teddy bear, officially named Eileen Bearon (everybody say "Foooo") which, when you squeeze her paw, goes "I love Mark and I'm going to marry him" (everybody say "Awwwww"). Dad got an interesting T-shirt from a Rush-sponsored fund raiser. Inspired by the "Fighting Whities" intramural team, they have "Fighting Righties" T-shirts. Enlightenment dawns! I stumbled uncontrollably into a new name for the "secular" conservative section of my link list.

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