Thursday, May 23, 2002

Memorial Day Musings-We've finally starting to get something resembling May weather today in central Michigan, with the temperature getting into the low 70s. Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. However, these is one advantage to cold weather-less thunderstorms. We just had a real close hit, one of those "One thousan-OOOOH. That was close" jobs. And here I am heading into thunderstorm central next week. Traffic was brisk on US-10 heading west (I was up at Eileen's place northwest of Midland) as people were getting a head start to their northwestern vacation spots. Michigan's near unique in that all the vacation spots are in the northern half of the state and all the people are in the southern half. Thus, a steady stream of cars heads north on Friday and south on Sunday. On holiday weekends, the northbound routes, epecially I-75, are clogged northbound Friday night and almost as clogged southbound on Monday PM. Smart drivers plan alternative non-I-75 routes north on Friday night or take Friday off and beat the rush.

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