Monday, May 27, 2002

Memorial Day-I'm not typically not a big flag-waver, but I'm seeing Memorial Day in a differnt light this year. This is the first Memorial Day since 9/11, so we'll see the firefighters and policemen of New York getting another round of props as well as the standard remembrances of our military dead. I don't remember this heighten a sense of the memorial part of Memorial Day in my lifetime. I'm not that callous a person, but Memorial Day typically meant the unofficial start to summer, cookouts and the Indy 500 more than remembering the dead. I don't have quite that loose a feeling this year President Bush is spending Memorial Day at Normandy. In an era of conflict, where the average American has a more of a sense of being in a state of conflict than any time since World War II, remembering the fallen of D-Day makes a much more fitting photo op than the standard presidential trip to Arlington. I was thinking of Ground Zero today before bopping over to the newspaper sites. I don't have a good idea of what to do with that site. One funny but tacky idea was to build five towers in a row, with the middle one being bigger than the rest, symbolically giving Osama the finger. Given the less-that great economics of such big skyscrapers, I don't think rebuilding the WTC would make economic sense. The defiant emotion of the age says "We'll show them! We'll build an even bigger one!" However, there would be a multi-billion dollar governmental price tag for such wound-salving. Some sort of memorial would be fitting, and it looks like the Noo Yawkers are squabbling over it already.

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