Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Man in the Mirror-Emily Stimpson nails a key issue on the head. The problems with the Church are handled, at the core, by believers willing to humble themselves before God and advance His kingdom.
But, the Church is not a machine. It is a She, a living Body, a Bride. She can’t be fixed, only transformed. And that transformation can only happen when each individual member within the body is transformed. All of us, from the bishops on down, are called daily to prayer and repentance. We’re called to become holy. That’s the real reform that has to happen. It’s us that has to change. Us. Me! Fighting about the makeup of lay commissions or this or that new administrative policy won’t breathe new life into the Body. Only the true conversion of our souls, and the gifts of ourselves to God can purify Her and prevent the rot from continuing to fester. Just as with liturgical music, the more we focus exclusively on external questions of reform, the more we miss the real opportunity the Holy Spirit is giving to us right now – the opportunity to finally become who we really are, the pure and undefiled Bride of Christ.
Preach it, Sis! Reforming the Church and our local churches needs to start with a church body, the people of the church, willing to serve the Lord and advance His kingdom as needed. Being trendy only helps if it advances the kingdom. Being traditional only helps if it advances the kingdom. Various administrative fixes aren't the answer if they don't help the cause of Christ. If the people of the church aren't actively serving him, no amount of litergy improvement of hot new admin structure will help.

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