Friday, May 17, 2002

Incoming Cannonballs on the Canon-A number of good points from various sources (Mark Butterworth, Spudlets' Marc Velazquez (remember Spuddy, the doctorate's in finance, not theology) and Joyful Christian’s Jeffrey Collins on whether Revelation 22:18-19 applies to the whole Bible or just the book of Revelation, as I implied earlier today. Mr. Butterworth has a thought that Revelation has already been corrupted. That I'd like to hear more about. If it is simply by translating it into English, OK, but if there are things left out of the original entirely, that a different and interesting matter. Mr. Velazquez points out the problem of citing Scripture to prove infallibility (a bit of a circular argument) when there are a truckload of prophecies that the Bible has called that better make the point-"Nostradamus has nothing on Isaiah!" Amen, Señor Spud. Mr. Collins rightly questions whether John knew that Revelation would be parked at the end of the Bible, thus implying that 22:18-19 would cover the whole Bible. He's onboard with the validity of the canon, but thinks that I "oversold the passage." Guilty as charged, sir. I have that same thought myself. I was trying to point out where I agreed with Mr. Heddle and neglected to add that nuance.

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