Thursday, May 16, 2002

Homilies For a Dynamist Revival-Part II-Educating the Public-Despite having some time off, I've got a bad case of blogger's block on the topic of Kevin's call for ways to aid dynamist politicians. A key feature should be trying to explain a few key concepts to the public
(1) Wealth redistribution destroys part of the wealth in the process
The taxes needed to give money to the needy reduce the rewards to work and invest. This will, all else being equal, reduce work and investment, thus slowing the economy and making us all poorer on average.
(2) Cutting government will increase overall well-being
A valid liberal though is that we should be maximizing well-being rather than wealth. A government that is truly trying to give its citizens an abundant life will try to maximize the joytron (the quantum particle of happiness) count the nation. A dynamist counter-thought is that there comes a point that additional government spending may create more bogons (anti-joytrons) due to a slowing economy and from taxpayers having less money than will be gained by the recipient of the government largess. The fiscal policy trick is to find the point where we max out the joyometer, and a strong case can be made that it will found in the direction of smaller government.
(3) Government is frequently wasteful
We need to educate people on what percentage of programs go to administration rather than actually helping the people the program is designed to help. When you see the administrative cost of a program, its benefits are often questionable.
(4) Not everything has a government-based solution
We need to note that there are some things that are bad that can't be easily fixed by governments. Some things need to be done in the commercial or non-profit sphere.
(5) Decentralization-Not everything that has a government solution needs to be done in Washington
Point out that things are better run with flexibility at the local level. The closer decisions are to the taxpayer, the more accountable the decision-makers are. Pushing decisions down to the local level will lead to more scrutiny and ultimately less expenditures. There are a truckload of money being spend by advocates of government programs as to why they are important, often using government money to ask for more government money. We need to start educating people on the downsides of government; these five points listed about could be the start of a (dare I use a good ol' commie phrase) reeducation campaign.

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