Thursday, May 23, 2002

Guilty, But of What?-I'm a bit underwhelmed by the Chandra's remains story. What I'm oddly reminded of was an episode of Deep Space 9 where Garak and Bashir are talking about Cardassian mysteries. Bashir pointed out the suspect is always guilty in a Cardassian mystery. "Yes, but of what?" Garak replied. "Finding out what they are guilty of is the mystery." In this case, we found out that Condit was a major sleaze, cheating on his wife with at least two different women and lying through his teeth when caught. Chandra may very well have been done in by a garden-variety rapist-murderer or something else more mundane, but the focus on Condit's life and character cost him his House seat. How many other Gary Condits are floating around Washington, whose dirty laundry would do them in if their lives were under the microscope?

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