Saturday, May 18, 2002

Good Week for Election Geeks- We had the elections in Holland Wednesday , a bunch of by-elections in Canada Monday and the Irish went to the polls yesterday. Irish results are spotty, as paper ballots predominate and the prefference-voting system takes time to drop trailing candidates and distribute votes to secondary choices. However, the early returns show that the ruling conservative Fianna Fáil is doing well and the outstanding question is whether they will manage to pull a outright majority of the seats. The main center-left opposition Fine Gael seems to have lost market share, as has FF's coalition partner, the libertarian-leaning Progrgressive Democrats. [update 9:30AM Not so fast, the PD look like they're holding their own with a bigger set of returns, but FG are truely taking it in the teeth] Check out James Haney's site for good takes from the Blogosphere's resident Irish politics wonk, whose writing helped me figure out what the difference between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael was. Before getting blogging and having Haney as an early blogging buddy, I had gotten lost in the Gaelic morass; Ireland was one country whose politics sailed over my head.

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