Saturday, May 25, 2002

God's Not a Vending Machine-Good in-depth piece over at Martin Roth's blog of Soka Gakki (2:35PM Saturday-he doesn't have links yet). I remember studying them in a Buddhism class I had at CMU** two decades ago and thought, "these guys are dangerous." I mentioned them in passing in February as the Buddhist analogs to the name-it-and-claim-it charismatics mutation. Roth's new Can-Am tag-team partner Bene Diction makes that connection as well, linking to Gospelcom's Apologetics Index pieces on the subject [Caveat-Gospelcom's coming from a Baptist vantage-point and is rather skeptical about most charismatic stuff] that rightly calls it heretical. ** I needed a 300-level University Program elective in the summer to polish off my BS degree. Two were offered, both in the Religion department-survey courses in Christianity and Buddhism. Ex-Methodist me figured I knew Christianity (yes, go ahead. Snort-Chuckle. I'd come to the Lord three years later), so I figured I'd take the Buddhism class.

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