Wednesday, May 08, 2002

A Eulogy for Batch-I was reminded of this when someone got here with a Google on ("Charlie Batch" "June 1"), June 1 being the magic capology date where you can cut someone and have the remainder of any unamortized signing bonus for future years deferred until next year . Nothing against Batch personally, he seems to be a decent guy, but he gets hurt too often and was ineffective when he was healthy. He had one of the better rookie seasons statistically of any QB, but went downhill from there. McMahon and Joey Harrington (I'm going to call him Joey Heatherton at least once, I know it) should keep the Lions in good stead at QB with Ty Detmer in the house as a tolerable vet if McMahon gets hurt and Harrington's not quite ready. It's time for Batch to move on and start anew elsewhere. Godspeed, Charlie. P.S.- While I'm on weird Google hits, what would someone want with "General Patton Enema?" I've gotten plenty of Googles looking for naughty pictures of girls in countries in the news, but really! The other weird one was Fortuyn Antichrist, which I did have in the same paragraph. Nope, the bullet took.

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