Wednesday, May 15, 2002

The Dynamist Confessional-I'm a recovering neoliberal, and I noticed some backsliding on my posts on bioprospecting and the farm bill. I agree with James Miller's reply to my bioprospecting piece more that I do my original take. I don't think naturally-occuring genetics should be able to be patented. Ways of using those genetics, maybe, but not the genetic code itself. I think my inner liberal came out, wanting to look after the campesinos at the expense of the multinationals. Get back in there and stay there! James Haney wondered via e-mail (tongue in cheek) if I was going Paul Erlich on y'all based on my farm bill post. WHAP! Thanks, I needed that, but boy, did that sting. Don't worry, I'm returning to my senses; I'm going to have a second farming post in the near future which is more (but not fully) dynamist than the first came across. I still stand by the intent of the first post, but it makes my views sound more statist than they are.

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