Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Charismatic Questions-David Heddle chimes in with a heart-felt post on the charismatic issues I and others commented on last week. He sites a Spudlet quote-“Christians who don't actively embrace the Holy Spirit are missing out on the power of God.” Heddle states that
Charismatics assert that the rest of us are, in effect, second class believers – missing out on a supreme spiritual gift. Furthermore, it is often said that non-charismatics (Is there a word for that?) have no right to take a critical look at something they never experienced.
Some charismatics, but not I. There are plenty of non-charismatics (no better alternative comes to mind) who have a healthy respect for the Holy Spirit. I've got a longer post in me on this topic, but I struggled with that inferiority issue for years, having a foot in both camps. I'm going to make a run at the issue tomorrow morning. [Wed 12:05PM -Sorry, I'll have it this evening]

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