Friday, May 10, 2002

Changes-Today was my last day at Hurley. I was slated to stay on until the end of June, but circumstances changed; I packed up my things today. It was a good three years down there, but I was there as a long-term contractor and the powers-that-be decided that it was time for me to leave. Things were starting to get a bit stressful in the last few months, so I won't miss the problems caused by understaffing, bureaucracy and red ink. I won't miss the hour-long commutes from Midland to Flint. I won't miss having to get up by 5:30AM to be out the door by 6 to be there at 7. I won't miss having to be to bed by about 10 or else be groggy by the end of the next day. I will miss making things better at the hospital, automating their Medicare reconciliation system and coming up with new databases. I'll miss Tina's guarded joyfulness, Louise and Marcia's surrogate auntness (is there a world for auntness like avuncular is for uncle-ness) and shooting the bull on theology and basketball with Tiaras. I'll miss the kindness of the Patient Billing crew on the 4th floor, like Laurinda, Gerry and Lynn. I'll miss finding a missing detail that means bringing in the hospital thousands of dollars. However, new joys await me of teaching people about finance, economics and be able to teach them about God as well without looking over my shoulder. I'll also have they joy of being Professor Byron, the job I have longed for since I was a child, to do my double-masters-degree dad one better and get a Ph.D. and be a college professor rather than just a high school teacher. I'll have the flextime that I often crave when either my health or my emotions call for a put-in-the-minimum day. I'll have great weather and a loving wife to share the experience with. The change in plans was abrupt at the end of the week, so I was worried at first of what I'd do with myself (other than blog like crazy) for eight weeks until the wedding. However, things came through down in Florida, and I'll likely (details Monday) be picking up a Business Writing class to teach in June at Warner Southern. I'll then come back briefly to Midland to get married July 6 and pack up the remainder of our stuff and bring my lovely bride down to Florida in time to start a Management Information Systems class on July 13th. While teaching in June, I plan to find housing for us, so that there will be one less thing on our to-do list after the wedding. Also, I'll be able to get used to the stores and churches in the area, so that at least one of us knows their way around town. Thus, I'll have lots of free time to prep for classes and blog (hopefully in that order) the next three weeks until my class starts. More flextime means more crunchy goodness coming from this sector. God is good!

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