Monday, May 13, 2002

Castro Convertible?**-This is an interesting shot of Carter and Castro yesterday. Somehow, Castro looks like some 1880s politico time-warped to the present and given a red power tie. I'm not used to seeing him in anything but fatigues. Carter's fallen a bit in my eyes in the last few years. His move out of the Southern Baptists to the liberal/moderate breakaway Cooperative Baptists was disturbing, as his faith was a key componant of his election a quarter-century ago (was it that long ago?). To see him siding against the theological conservatives was disturbing, even if the SBC was going a bit over the top at times. Also, his rather harsh and bitter comments of the 2000 election results pointed to him as a less than a fair broker. Carter's key failing is a classic liberal one-he's too optomistic about the state of human nature and seeks to find the good in every man. This causes liberals to assume that the bad guys of the world would play nice if you were able to address and meet their needs. There are quite a few bad guys that would be close to the attitude of the alien in Independence Day, who responds to the president's question of "What do you want us to do?" with "Die." Such people need to be defeated, not negotiated with. Many liberals go down to Cuba, see all the nice things that Castro has lined up for them to see, and come back talking all gushy about the education and health care system, missing the poverty and lack of free speech and movement and human rights in general. Those are the people who are useful idiots for Castro when they come back to the States. Carter's smart, and hopefully will give Castro both barrels over the lack of human rights in Cuba. However, smarter liberals than he have become Castro Convertibles and return home as yet another useful idiot. **I remember reading the Spy-vs-Spy piece in Mad as a kid; the author was described as being a Cuban ex-pat who refused to be a "Castro Convertible." I didn't get the joke until about a decade ago, when I heard an New York radio ad for Castro Convertible hide-a-beds. If I recall correctly, Ms. Castro (forget her first name [Bernadette, sayeth Fritz Schranck]) ran against Pat Moynahan as the Republican nominee in 1994.

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