Sunday, May 19, 2002

Bedtime Musings- Not much blogging today, given various social activities, so I'll give the days news a once over. Star Wars II is doing well at the box office but the movie seems only OK. Spiderman opened stronger for its opening weekend. Kevin Holtsberry (we've got Goliard James now on the loose, so I have to specify) liked it but Ben Domenech didn't. You've been warned. It seems that the best way to watch the film is to turn your mind off and watch the action and the purdy pick-shures. Another autoboomer in Israel. The fellow managed to take two Israelis with him while bagging his 72 raisins at a market. I hope the Israelis take things slow and steady and figure out what they need to do to best stop further attacks. Gaza's overdue for a smackdown. I haven't chimed in on the ongoing news that there is pressure on Arafat to hold honest elections for the PA. I'll beleive that when I see it. The counting's almost over in Ireland, and the ruling Fianna Fail party just missed getting a pure majorityof seats. With one seat outstanding, FF has 80 seats, four short of a majority in the next legislature. The Progressive Democrats' 8 seats would but them over the top, but a quartet of independents would as well. As always, give James Haney a read-over for the full skinny on the Emerald Isle. The best of the lot is a piece on how the Irish will develop a secular, post-Troubles left, as Fine Gael's days appear to be waning.

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