Sunday, May 12, 2002

Basketball Overview-It's interesting how the playoffs have gone to form so far. Detroit's the only team that is behind in the series, and that's primarily due to the excellent defense of the Celtics. The Pistons thrive on ball movement and finding the open man; Stackhouse and Williamson are about the only guys who can create their own shot. The Celtics are rotating well on defense, thus allowing few of those open shots. During Friday night's broadcast (well, for me Saturday morning, I watched it on tape) Hubie Brown (IIRC) kept chiding Detroit for not taking open shots. What open shots, Hubie? Stackhouse doesn't do that well when he forces the game, but he may have to go back to his ball-hog days of last if the Celtics continue their good defense. The other option might be for the wingers to set up a few feet behind the three-point line. If the Boston guards have a couple extra feet to rotate out to, they'll be less able to contest the three. Stackhouse, Barry and Williamson have the stroke to knock down 25 footers, so that's something I'd expect to see today. Looks like Jason Kidd may have to sit out game 4 with a swollen eye. This wouldn't be the worst game to do so, as it's at Charlotte. A Hornet win would set up a best-of-three. A Hornet loss might be the last non-exhibition NBA game in Charlotte in a while.

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