Monday, May 13, 2002

Autogoogle Fun- I've been the top "Mark Byron" for a while, but I surprsingly show up as 9th for just "Byron."I was suprised the other day when I got linked to by a Google search on "Byron." I was edged out by three sites related to Byron Bay, Australia, Senator Byron Dorgan's web site, three sites on Lord Byron (I'm not crude, rude and dangerous to know) and one from a Twin Cities law firm of Fredrickson and Byron. I beat out anything on Byron White(not in top 100), Byron Scott(68) and Byron Nelson(24), or Canadian senator Byron Sher (28) or even NRO contributor Byron York(93). I beat out the towns of Byron, GA(11), Byron, IL(20) and Byron, MN (46). Now that tells me that Google is ultra-sensitive to blogs, when I'm trumping NBA coaches and Canadian senators (yes, I may have more power than a Canadian senator) and city web sites.

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