Sunday, May 26, 2002

Another thriller-I only got to see bits and pieces of the Lakers-Kings game this PM, being busy having lots of quality time with Eileen this afternoon. Since we'll be apart for 27 days starting Friday, we're jealous of the time we can have together until then. I saw the score when it was 40-20 Kings at the end of the first quarter, seeing them shooting something like 72% [Update-71.4%] for the first quarter and just kept rolling knocking down threes at the start of the second quarter; we stopped our togetherness to come upstairs (I essentially have a downstairs apartment sans kitchen) and have pizza with my folks who had the game on. I was shaking my head, thinking that the Kings offence was so lethal, it was illegal in 18 states and DC. Fast forward through an hour of so of togetherness, I come up to walk her out to her car, and its 99-97 Kings, 11 seconds left, Lakers have the ball. Chivalry takes a momentary backseat while I watch the final seconds. Kobe misses, Shaq misses, ball bounces out to Horry at the top of the arc-three pointer, 100-99 Lakers, series tied 2-2 ; that lethal offence of the Kings was somehow silenced. It's plays like that the make you stop what your doing and watch the last play of the game.

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