Sunday, April 14, 2002

The World Council of Center-Left Churches-Mr. Johnson, you pulled my chatty-ring with this post on the World Council of Churches' pile of fertilizer on the Middle East. The media would like you to believe that the WCC and their US subsidiary, the National Council of Churches, speak for Protestantdom. They speak for the non-evangelical half of Protestantdom. I can't think of a theologically-conservative denomination that is in the NCC. For instance, the Southern Baptists aren't in the NCC, while the more centrist American Baptists are. The conservative Missouri and Wisconsin Synod Lutherans are out while the center-left ELCA are in. The conservative Presbyterian Church in America is out while the center-left PCUSA is in. This gives the NCC and the WCC a left-wing slant in their theology and politics. They are more willing to accept sexual behavior outside of marriage, are more interested in inter-faith dialogs rather than defending their own and tend to have a more socialist and pacifist attitude. This tendency is more pronounced the higher up the denominational chain you go. The higher level bureaucrats will have more a secular-oriented education rather than just a seminary background and the bureaucrats will tend to be prized for their ability as bureaucrats rather than as theologians. This leans the more hierarchical denominations to the left. There is a common trend for the higher ups to present a liberal change, watering down doctrine, for a vote of the governing body and have the vote defeated by the more conservative rank-and-file. This is a "steaming pile," to be sure, but this isn't the first time the WCC has left a comparable "calling card" on the world's front lawn. Nor will it be the last.

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