Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Two-Faced Policy-A lot of people are confused by the two-track mind of the Bush Administration in regards to Arafat. The State Department is still talking peace, while Bush is not opposing Israel's move to clean up the West Bank. This BBC writer's scratching his head, while Susanna Cornett performed a live vivisection on this NYT piece with similar liberal cluelessness. Alrighty, boys and girls, let me 'splain what’s going on. Bush is backing Israel in this thing, but it's geopolitically incorrect to say he is. He will say the right things about not wanting the peace process to die, but understands that Zinni's enema didn't work, nor will further treatments be helpful. The 'peace process' is dead and buried, not to be resurrected for a generation in all likelihood. The diplomacy track is window dressing meant to keep liberals in Europe from blowing up at him. The real game will be whether Israel can gut the terrorist abilities of West Bankers and create a secure, defendable border. The US would support a defanging of Hamas and Fatah, but can't say so publicly, thus the less-than-transparant diplomatic game. [update-Charles Austin reminded me that vivisections are by definition on live beings. Mea maxima culpa]

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