Friday, April 05, 2002

Tiger in the Tank- The Detroit Tigers started 0-3. Maybe, being set to move an hour SE of Tampa, I should adopt the D-Rays in advance. The Tigers and Indians will be freezing their noonies off (March weather hasn't left yet) in the Tiger's home opener this afternoon, and I'll (sad to say) be rooting for the Indians. I spent 1990-96 down in Kent, an hour southeast of Cleveland, and watched the Indians put the Curse of Rocky Colavito to rest during those years. With the Tigers sucking bilge water for all of the 90s, I never got back into the Tigers when I came back from Ohio, staying more of an Indians fan than a Tigers fan. The Tribe's off to a 2-1 start and will do better than the pundits expect, as youngsters are ready to step in for Lofton, Gonzales and Alomar. I never converted to the Cavs or the Browns (and you never, ever, change college fanhood) but the Indians were another matter.

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