Thursday, April 04, 2002

Sympathies to Louder-He's got a bad case of Hit Counter Envy. "On a good day I might pass 100 hits -- and USS Clueless considers that pathetic. It is, isn't it? Oh, well. I have the consolation of knowing that what I don't have in quantity I do have in quality. I know who some of my readers are and I'm grateful that I have the fine audience I have." Hits take time to develop. You need to be out there for people to see and link to you. I've been at this a few weeks longer that Louder, and have been averaging about 200 hits a weekday since getting my counter in last week. I don't try to troll for hits, since I want people to stay and learn something, as I learn from others. The two of us started a good theological discussion that has reverberated around this part of the Blogosphere. We're doing quality work, and the hits will come in due time.

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