Thursday, April 18, 2002

Sports Roundup-Glad I didn't stay up to see the OT- Vancouver beat the Red Wings 4-3 last night. Those 11 Olympians weren't enough. However, it is a best of seven. The other home teams, Carolina, Philly and San Jose, won last night. The Pistons ruined Milwaukee's playoff hopes with a 123-89 vivisection. The stat of the night-15 for 24 in three-pointers for the Pistons, 55% overall shooting. That puts Indiana and Toronto into the last two playoff spots. Detroit gets Toronto starting Sunday and Indiana gets New Jersey starting Saturday. There are a number of good first-round matchups, and not just the 4-5 matchups. Sacremento-Utah will be interesting. Having to take out Stocktontomalone in a best of five won't be easy. It wasn't that long ago (98?) that these two teams met in the first round and the Kings suprised everyone by taking the Jazz to five games. Now the Jazz are the underdogs. I don't see Seattle of Portland advancing, but Minnesota's got a shot against Dallas. Indiana-New Jersey could be fun. Will Spike cross the Hudson to heckle Reggie Miller? If the added talent that the Pacers picked up in the Rose trade meshes, the Nets will have their hands full. Boston-Philly is a throwback. Have these two met in the playoffs since the Bird and Dr. J era? If the Sixers are healthy, there could be an upset here. I don't see a Carterless Toronto getting past Detroit and don't have a feel for how Orlando-Charlotte will come out.

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