Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Sharpton for President-of What?-Both Next Right and James D. Miller have takes on this NRO article on Al Sharpton. I don't see Sharpton being anything more than a single-digit hanger-on in the race. He's got two years to expand his scope beyond race-baiting and draw non-blacks into his camp if he wants to be a playa. He's picking up the Jesse Jackson mantle without Jesse's charm and with the Tawana Brawley mess that will resurface. Rational blacks will stay away from him. I remember Coleman Young's crack in 1988 when Jesse was running fairly well-"He's never run anything except his mouth." Despite the black vote being 15-20% of the Democratic primary vote nationwide, Sharpton will be lucky to crack double digits unless he develops a clientele that gets outside of the black community. Michigan has crossover voting, but it's only one way. Last I checked, Democrats prohibit delegates from being selected in open primaries, so Michigan Dems use a caucus (more of a party-run primary than the Iowa system) and the voting on primary day is a beauty contest. That would shoot down Miller's idea of Republicans raiding the Democratic Primary to vote for Sharpton.

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