Saturday, April 13, 2002

Presidental Wannabes Head to Florida-I'm under slight computer withdrawl this weekend, but I've made a swing by the WSC computer lab between bouts of touristing. Lacking a computer in my guest housing does have its advantages. Last night, I found myself watching a local political show (Tampa Bay Week if memory serves) on the Tampa PBS outlet. They were going over the state Democratic convention this weekend. While the national media is plugging all the presidental candidates heading down here (yeah, I just said "down here") to woo well-placed Floridians, the Tampa bunch was talking about Bill McBride's big mo and whether he has enough oomph to pass Reno by the September primary. The conventional wisdom from the panel was that McBride's got the wholesale (union backing and newspaper endorsements) stuff down, but needs to work on the retail level, especially down in the Miami area where Reno was a prosecutor before she got named AG. The local pundits seemed to be still putting their money on Reno to get the nomination, but didn't seem eager to bet the farm on the proposition.

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