Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Political Musings-Orrin Judd has a good post on the impotence of modern liberalism. I'll take issue with categorizing conservatives as retrograde. That would be the "Progressive" critique, that they are reversing decades of "progress." Bigger government and looser morals aren't progress. If you're going the wrong way, it helps to do a 180. Ben Domenech points out that the Democrats have pulled even with Republicans in generic congressional polling. A 46-46 tie is still good news, since Republicans typically underpoll this far out from an election; free market ideas take some thought to get past the fears of lessened government goodies. Ben also notes that the Gallup poll also has John Edwards and Al Sharpton in the cellar at 2% each. It makes one wonder how Edwards has a shot, despite the good press he's been getting of late. But how many non-political junkies knew about Jimmy Carter in 1974 or Bill Clinton in 1990? The game is still young, and a number of higher-polling candidates won't make the run. Sharpton has name recognition from his racemongering, being a Jesse Jackson without the charm. Outside of political junkies or Tar Heels, the name John Edwards would as likely be attributed to the Sci-Fi psychic [John Edward] than to the junior senator from North Carolina.

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