Tuesday, April 16, 2002

A pair of eulogies- Heard that Robert Urich died this morning. The Fox headline had him as one of those male thespians that Rush likes to talk about. He'd been fighting cancer gamely for years. While I wasn't a big fan of Vegas or Spencer, he put out an above-average job as a leading action man. In the later years, his last name became important, as my brother-in-law's (and now my sister's and niece’s and unborn unit's) last name is Eurich. It's likely the same name and Robert's forebears lost the E at Ellis Island. I found out this morning that he was a fellow Spartan, getting a master's from MSU. Speaking of name-changes, my forebears up the Y-chromosome were Scots named Barron, which got anglicized to Byron. Byron (don't call me Whizzer) White died yesterday, a classic liberal with a respect for both morality and the little guy. We could have used him on this psuedo-child-p0rn case that just went down. Thomas was concurring with the majority? I'm temped to say something about his current video habits, but other bloggers can take that straight-line and run with it.

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