Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Out With The Pervy Priests and Their Enablers-I haven't weighed in on the Catholic sexually predatory priests until now, but what I heard about this Paul Shanley made me do a slow burn. This guy was a (oh, what's the word that's printable) disgustingly Satan-inspired speaker at a N@MBLA meeting and had a track record of pedestry, and yet the Church did nothing to get him out of the way of kids. I'm not up on the details of child endangerment law, but Cardinal Law would seem to be guilty of it in deed if not in law and could serve prison time if the details hold up. The fact that quite a few gay priests are in the system isn't that suprising. My uninformed hunch is that the priesthood would draw a higher-than-average percentage of homosexually-inclined guys. Since they have no honorable way to act on those feelings, the priesthood might look more attractive to them than a heterosexually-inclined candidate who has marriage as an outlet. I don't know whether the cover-ups are a "Lavender Mafia" of gay priests covering for one another or just a community rallying around their own, much like otherwise good cops will err on the side of buying the alibis of a bad cop. A number of forced retirements or defrocking seem to be an order. A good question would be whether John Paul II's up to the challange of overhauling the American church to end these coverups, given his increasingly frail health. These might make some good Catholics question their faith and abandon all churches all together. That's why this needs to be dealt with ASAP, getting past the inertia of covering for your buddies and the (as I understand the Catholic priesthood) lifetime ordination from God that isn't designed to be easy to take away. Otherwise, you'll keep getting a drip-drip-drip of raunchy scandal from a media that has no love for the Catholic Church or Christianity in general.

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