Saturday, April 13, 2002

Open Question- Why should Sharon listen to the US on this current West Bank operation? The US isn't likely to cut back any aid or impose an embargo and is fo-shore not going to invade on behalf of the Palestinians. Europe's talking about an embargo, but they need all 15 states on board. The west has no carrat and a negligable stick. What does Sharon get for calling off the dogs? A promice from Yasser that Fatah will be good little boys and girls and stop that disgusting habit of blowing themselves in Jewish crowds? He can't promise anything for Hamas and wouldn't likely have operational control of Fatah if he tried to make such an edict stick. The Israeli's know this, thus they're not terribly interested in a deal with a guy who can't deliver a pizza let alone a respite from autoboomers. The upside for continuing is the ability to gut, but not neccisarily kill, the terror networks on the West Bank. There's little downside to continuing, as the Hamas boomers will keep at it and Fatah will too in all likelihood. They can look to the U.S. and say "Yeah! What'ya gonna do about it? Pass another UN resolution?" It all goes back to the seeming hypocracy of diplomacy, striving for a peace that's not going to come with this generation of leaders.

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