Monday, April 08, 2002

The Mother of all Gerrymanders-Fox has an interesting piece on the effects of gerrymandering in Michigan. The piece features two Democratic members of Congress thrown into the same district. John Dingell, representing blue-collar downriver Detroit suburbs was put in the same district with Ann Arbor’s Lynn Rivers, who has a more intellectual leftist take on things. While the Dingell-Rivers race gets national publicity, the Republican gerrymanders did the same thing north of Detroit. They put two Democrats, Flint’s Dale Kildee and Saginaw/Bay City’s Jim Barcia, into the same district as well. The more conservative rural “Thumb” parts of Barcia’s district got put into David Bonior’s old district, making it hard for him to keep had he not tried running for governor; term-limited Republican Secretary of State Candice Miller is expected to win the seat. Meanwhile the more conservative exurban southern part of Kildee’s old district got put into Mike Rogers’ district, one that he one in a squeaker two years ago. They gerrymanderers also carved out a new, Republican district in the northwestern suburbs of Detroit that a Republican state senator is slated to pick up. The result is that the Michigan delegation, reduced by one due to the 2000 census, will pick up two new Republicans and lose three Democrats and shore up Roger's very swingy seat.

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