Thursday, April 04, 2002

Midday Musings- Powell's heading to the Mideast. Don't get your hopes up, y'all; this is just additional window dressing. Was watching a bit of CNN in the cafeteria as the news of the trip broke. If the CNN people are happy (which they were), I'm probably not going to be. However, the two-sided game should continue; Bush "purposely did not mention a timetable for Israel's withdrawal or the end to settlements." (AP quote) Translation-do your job of cleaning out the rat nests, do it right and then head back to a defensible border. Or is my Diplomatese rusty? ___________ Ben's got a killer piece (you're not getting paid for this one, Wonder Boy?) on what he describes as his Christian Libertarian philosophy. I'll put in my two cents worth this evening. John Ellis has a couple of good pieces. He takes apart the return of Phil Donahue to daily TV with an MSNBC gig. His Alan Alda shtick has been old for over a decade, unless MSNBC is looking to go retro. He also reprints a nice essay of Cousin Dubya. While certain Bostonians don't like his golf coverage, I kinda like it. I'm not a golf nut, but he breaks down the golf scene in an concise and readable manner. I was moved by the globalness of his Masters team. Two South Africans, two Spaniards, a Indian Fijian and the world's most famous cablinasian.

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