Thursday, April 11, 2002

Midday Musings The Pistons just lost a good shot at winning the Eastern Conference by losing to Chicago last night. They would have been two back had they won. Then, a Nets loss either at Orlando or at an en fuego Toronto would set up a showdown next Tueday with Detroit. Now, the Nets will have to lose both to make that game count. Well, second seed, a lot better than I was counting on at the begining of the season. At least His Hairness, Ben Wallace, will be back for the San Antonio game Friday. New NCCA rules will allow high schoolers to apply for the NBA draft and still be able to go to college if they don't sign and don't get an agent. This will be a mixed bag-it gives players the option of testing the waters and having college as a fall-back if they're not drafted or drafter low, but it would allow a team that likes a kid but thinks a year of college would help to draft him and hold the rights for a year. I'll have to think the permutations on that one through and say more later. Dr. Weevil's got a chuckly piece on the misspelling of millennia. People tend to spell it with one n. He points out that Annus (two n) in Latin is year, while Anus (one n) .... Chris Johnson has a good overview of the Weeble President (to borrow from Bryan Preston) hanging in there-he wobbles but he doesn't fall down. There's been some noise by Labor backbenchers disliking Tony Blair's hard stance on Iraq. Is there a chance that Blair will be dumped? No, according to Airstrip One. I don't always agree with Goldstein's take (he picks his spots to intervene tighter than I do) but he's looks to be on the money breaking down Blair's in-party opposition. Two good essays on "Warblogging" by Susanna Cornett and Rich Hailey. Susanna just added a paragraph on Colin Powell and how his blackness isn't (not should it be) an issue. Hailey also added a good piece on cloning, pointing out that trying to say "Theraputic, Si! Reproductive, No!" is logical quicksand. Hailey's not a Bible-thumper, yet does battle with the Dark Side with a solid intelect.

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