Friday, April 05, 2002

Midday Musings- Nice essay from fellow Midlander Larry Reed on the history of time zones. James D. Miller has a good piece on professor-student affairs. Why colleges aren't doing more to stop this is beyond me. This would be a good chance to resurect the anti-p0rn coalition of conservatives and feminists. Mark Butterworth isn't syrupy, just exuding common-sense, in this piece on his daughter and the prom's all-night afterglow that he made a no-go. If you have work with or have teens, go thou and readeth. _________ Chris Johnson at the MCJ pulled one on me-he pointed to a WaPo article with the comment "Can New Jersey support two NHL teams?" The article has the headline "Capitals Are Considering a Move to New Jersey." I scan the article expecting to see info about the Caps relocating to Camden or Atlantic City (hey, His Airness can hit the casinos more often). Nah, they are looking to get a different uniform, a new jersey. Foooooo. _________ Charles Austin has a keeper in his quixotic quest to tilt at the Scourge of Richard Cohen.
I have Scourged every column Richard has published for the last 7.5 weeks, not including one substitute column the one and only time in the last 15 columns when much of what Richard said made sense. So, Richard’s batting 0.066 against this anti-idiotarian – far, far below the Mendoza line and Richard can’t run well or throw either, and that’s pretty bad for you non-baseball fans.
But can Cohen hit with power? Nah. He strikes out so often, he makes Dave Kingman look like a contact hitter. Translation- The Mendoza line is named after a weak-hitting Seattle shortstop, Mario Mendoza, who struggled to hit .200. I've not seen a formal definition of the Line, but .200 is the implied demarkation.

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