Monday, April 08, 2002

Mexican Standoff in Bethlehem- Yasser's told the gunnies in the Church of the Nativity to start playing Corey Hart's Never Surrender. Derb's invoking Montecassino is a good one. If I remember the story correctly (watched way too much History Channel before meeting Eileen), Montecassino was a landmark Italian mountaintop monastery that the retreating Germans had taken over, giving a commanding view of the surrounding countryside. The cultural significance of the monastery didn't save it from Allied bombardment, since the Germans were using it to good military advantage. I'm not the only one that finds it ironic that the mainly Islamic gunnies would use a Christian shrine to hide from the IDF. They're not just taking priests and nuns hostage, they're taking a "holy site" hostage. Mr. Sulik, I'm just about with you in invoking Stonewall Jackson on this one. I've had it with these jokers.

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