Monday, April 08, 2002

Lonely Vigil-Eileen was down in Houston this weekend being a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding. It's been the longest time we've been apart since we've met. It sure did give me time to blog, though. At church yesterday, there were two parrots. One hopped from person to person saying "Where's Eileen?" The other parrot was perched on my shoulder saying "In Houston at a friend's wedding." I remember an outing to a play with my friend Rose, who all-but-lives at the Center for the Arts. Every other person knew her, so that hypothetical parrot was perched on my shoulder, saying "Who was that? Who was that?" The next day, our chapter of Overbidders Anonymous (a bunch of singles who got together to play a rowdy game of bridge-yes, it's possible) was in session, and Rose had a string on one-no-trump bids. Invoking the image of the previous evening, I said she must have that parrot saying "One No! One No!" For the next decade in OA, a one-no bid was thus "The Bird." Chirping or squawking sounds would suffice as well to signify the bid. Back to Eileen-she was supposed to be getting back to Midland (MBS/Tri City Airport) at 10, but a late flight from Houston put her on the 11:30. Now that flight's stuck in Detroit; her ETA is now 12:50AM. So much for a good night's sleep. I've got three IE windows up; one to surf with, one to blog with and one on NWA.com keeping tabs on her flight. I just e-mailed my boss- I'm not getting into work at 7AM after this when I'm not going to be getting to sleep until about 2AM at best.

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