Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Linkorama- Added four people to the permalinks. Orrin Judd and James Lileks are long overdue, Dr. Weevil gives one of the highest signal-to-noise ratios in the business and Gary Petersen's a new evangelical blogger who's sent some traffic my way. The hit counter's nice, it lets me know who's linking to me and gives a heads-up if I've been linked to. I clicked after dinner to see Rantburg traffic flooding in. He had featured my post on Bush's Israel policy front and center. Two newcomers that show promise. Eve Tushnet introduced a thoughtful Catholic blogger you can't handle theVeritas. James D. Miller's Conservative Economist blog's another keeper. He's a NRO free-lancer and (shiver me timbers) a U. of Chicago Ph.D. in Econ. I didn't have a Nobel winner on my dissertation committee, but then, going to Kent State, I didn't expect to. Don't you have to get a Noble prize to get tenure in the Chicago econ department?

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