Saturday, April 06, 2002

Justice Estrada?-The NYT has a piece on the upcoming judicial brawls. One name, towards the back of the piece, struck me as interesting. Miguel Estrada is a nominee for the DC Court of Appeals. The DC circuit is the big constitutional processor, and has sent more members to the Supreme Court than any other circuit. Ginsburg, Scalia and Thomas all served there before moving up to the Supreme Court. Estrada seems to have an American Dream resume-a Honduran immigrant with a Harvard law degree who clerked for Justice Kennedy, served as a assistant DA and worked in the Solicitor General's office before going into private practice in Washington. He belongs to the Federalist Society-good start. NOW doesn't like him but doesn't have any goods on him beyond looking a bit like Scalia. Another liberal group, Independent Judiciary, questions his judicial temperment. Putting Estrada on the DC circuit would set him up for a promotion to the Supreme Court a few years down the line. The first Hispanic Supreme Court justice would be hard to shoot down. That's why the liberals are likely to raise a stink over this one, stopping a hard-to-stop Supreme Court possibility in 2006 or so in its tracks.

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